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VP Culture


Understand the most powerful motivational tool for human thriving. 

Watch this video to learn how our research builds culture on the one thing that motivates all people: the Ultimate Why.

The one thing we need above all else

The Ultimate Why is Valuing People

When we peer deeply into the hearts of mankind we find that there is one thing that is the most fundamental need and motivation. ​Above all else, people long for what science calls attachment. We more typically call it valuing people. We call it the Ultimate Why because it is the "why" that is behind everything we do. Since we are by nature social beings, we fundamentally require attachment to others, our family, our social groups, our friends, and even broader society. When we have healthy connected relationships we thrive. When we orientate all of our life, work, and relationships toward this type of connection we see people and culture thrive. It brings about organizational cultural success because culture absolutely must be based on this fundamental principle that ultimately guides us all. 

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What is your Culture Built on?  

Your business is built on a culture. Building on an intentional culture built on the science of the Ultimate Why is a sure foundation for your business to grow. Studies show up to 22% increased profits and better outcomes when employees are relationally healthy.  German studies show that business processes function better in a healthy cultural foundation.  Don't leave culture to chance. Have a plan based on the science of the Ultimate Why. 

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Thriving with
VP Culture

So what happens when our culture begins to value people? We thrive right down to molecules in our bodies. Our bodies release energy.  We literally feel alive and energized. Our brain releases a whole host of feel-good chemicals.

Our brains release euphoric neuropeptides like endocannabinoids and endogenous opioids. We are flooded with oxytocin which promotes trust, cooperation, and peace. We receive a boost of serotonin which causes us to feel happy and also contented. It is an ultimate state of thriving signaled by our nervous system and brain that all is well. Value is present so all is safe and life is possible. This is why it is such a fundamental state for human thriving. 


Sources of Research

Lasting Change Leading to Constant Improvement
Circular Library

The breadth of books, articles, lectures and research cannot be fully covered here. Here are some of the authors and scientists we have drawn from in our research: ​

  • Edward John Mostyn Bowlby, CBE, FRCP, FRCPsych

  • Allan N. Schore, PhD

  • Susan Johnson PhD

  • Barbara Fredrickson, PhD

  • Amy Edmondson, PhD

  • Adam Grant, PhD

  • Richard Lannon, MD

  • Edgar Schein, PhD

  • Kelli Harding, MD MPH

  • Gordon Neufeld, PhD

  • Paul J. Zak, PhD

  • Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD

  • Daniel J. Siegel, PhD

  • Robert H. Lustig MD

  • Matthew Lieberman, PhD

  • Steven Hayes, PhD

  • Viktor Frankl, PhD

We are constantly developing our own primary research. Our primary research has been around our question called the eternity question. It is one question that we have received nearly 95% affirmative responses to this one question. Watch the video to learn more about this question and how it shaped VP Culture. 

Getting Started

VP Culture System

1. Preliminary conversation about your needs.

2. Discussion and evaluation of your current situation

3. Customize your approach with our system

4. Implement culture training

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