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VP Culture Leadership Training


Build your leaders using the VP Culture System.
People thriving starts now.

Watch this video to learn how our research builds culture on the one thing that motivates all people.


The VP Culture Leadership Training System

Four Workshops led by our instructors will educate your leaders to build your teams by valuing people. Leaders can use our workbooks and video curriculum to continue long term team building training.  This builds a cultural relational foundation that is built on individuals and teams that thrive.  Studies show a 20% boost in productivity from employee engagement. 

  • Leaders trained to value people, the one universal motivation for all humans

  • Leaders trained by our instructors in 4 workshops to use our system for further development and team building

  • A follow up curriculum that your leaders can use with their team is workbook based

  • Based on the latest scientific research

  • Fits with your regular team meeting schedules


VP Culture


Leadership Training Program

  • 4 core workshops 

  • Access to the self directed ongoing curriculum


The 4 Workshops are: 

The VP Culture Program Inspiration
Relational science is the key to amazing leadership and culture. Discover how to best relate and connect, delivering the increased leadership results and employee engagement.  Begin learning leading so well it becomes an art that moves and inspires your teams. 

Values Science

Discover the one singular unifying value of all humanity, we call this the Ultimate Why. Discover how personal values relate to that value and your work. Learn how values shape and direct our lives and unify teams. Learn to lead others to these deepest values rather than just temporal goals. 

Personality Science

Discover the very building blocks of the human psyche, how to build on strengths and maximize the diversity of personalities. Personality science  helps us to know and lead teams on a deeper level.  This workshop will forever change how you understand people. 

Emotional Science

Discover how emotion is the fuel of all human behavior. How we can know and direct our own emotional lives and create healthy emotional landscapes for teams and cultures. Emotional skills are the most important and most neglected of all leadership skill. It is critical for developing dynamic leaders, teams and cultures. 

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Interactive and Memorable

We use an interactive style that gets you moving and interacting with the materials. Full of exercises that help you discover and remember each point. 

This was unbelievable. The presentation was great and the message was even better. This was, by far, the best presentation for business success I have seen.

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Options for Implementation

  • Introduction Webinar for decision makers

  • Quarterly Training

  • Two-Day Training

  • Year-Long Engagements

  • Online Training Tools

  • In-person and virtual training available


The ROI of the
VP Culture.

Lasting Change Leading Constant Improvement
Stock Market Chart
  • Front-line leaders are responsible for the majority of engagement and retention

  • Employee Engagement Leads to 21% higher production and 22% higher profits, according to Gallup Research. 

  • According to MIT Sloan Article "High-Purpose Cultures see substantially more significant results. They had an average of 11.5% on stock returns annually over 17 years, compared with an overall market average of 6.4%. They also had employee turnover rates approximately 50% lower than competitors in their own industries. With average turnover costs estimated at 90% to 200% of the exiting employee’s base salary, these lower rates result in significant cost savings as well as knowledge retention within the organization."  


Ongoing Curriculum

VP Culture Leadership Curriculum

Workbook and Video Driven Curriculum
The VP Culture Workbook curriculum dovetails with the workshops. This curriculum will help your leaders focus your team on the powerful concepts learned in the workshops. It transforms the knowledge learned into action and culture. Concepts alone don’t change, action does.

Resources for Weekly Team Meetings

This allows your team leaders to have materials for short weekly team meetings focused on every detailed aspect learned in the workshops. It helps your leaders bring these core principles to life in their lives and the lives of their teammates. This persistent review and application is what helps grow your culture into the ideals of the Ultimate Why. It is one of the unique differentiators of the Ultimate Why system that it is not a flash in the pan experience but a persistent transformative force in your organization. 

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Workbooks designed for team leaders to lead their teams through the topics of VP Culture. Complete with exercises that engage your teams. 

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Your leaders will never lack the next step for their leadership and cultural development. There is also access to video materials to introduce each topic.

Getting Started

VP Culture Leadership System

1. Preliminary conversation about your needs.

2. Discussion and evaluation of your current situation

3. Customize your approach with our system

4. Implement culture training

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