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VP Culture Workbook. 

Ultimate Why Corporate Culture Workbook
Why This Book? 
What is in This Book? 

The VP Culture Workbook is a curriculum used for developing culture and leadership. It is based on the ultimate why, the one thing that motivates all people. It contains the theory behind people-based leadership and culture. It has weekly practical exercises that are relevant to all levels of leadership and teamwork.  It has worksheets that help individuals and teams build an ideal picture of their strengths and deepest desires. It contains relational methods for reaching these heights without pressure or shame. It helps teams and leaders create a picture of who your organization is serving, and creates an ideal picture of what that looks like for your team to create value for others.  It is a unique system you will not see anywhere else.

After surveying the current literature on leadership and culture development Randal found two things lacking. First, he wanted an approach focused on the latest psychological research of attachment and valuing people.  Second, he wanted a curriculum that would be a practical tool for teams to build long-term success not just a book with some pointers in it or 21 tips. This book accomplishes those two goals, that no other book was found to do. 

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Randal Weidenaar, Author, Researcher
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