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VP Culture
Leadership Training


Build your leaders using the VP Culture System.
People thriving starts now.

Watch this video to learn how our research builds culture on the one thing that motivates all people.

Program Outcomes

The VP Culture Leadership Training System

Leaders help others discover and release the ultimate why in each of our lives. When people discover that they can live out of their deepest values they willingly move in that direction full of life and engagement. Our leadership curriculum helps leaders discover the Ultimate Why in themselves and others. There are three core elements to the Ultimate Why below:

  • Leaders have the most impact on your organization's bottom line

  • Leaders vary greatly in impact outcomes according to studies more than most realize. 

  • Changes leaders through dynamic experiential learning not hours of boring lectures. 

  • Three core sciences of the curriculum below: 


Personality Science

Teams need to know the communication style, personality traits, and strengths of themselves and each other so that they can best engage with one another. This gives people the ability to predict how to best do life and how to best do work. All of our instruction is based on extensive studies with proven outcomes in the workplace. 
Key outcomes in this area are:

  • Communication Style Often individuals go through life not knowing how give and receive information and learn. Knowing this leads to connection and understanding on a deep level. This is the front line of connection in a team environment 

  • Personality traits are found in many forms of psychological profiles. These profiles help leaders understand how to best interact with those they work with. It helps them predict how to best interact and treat others. 

  • Strengths often individuals go through life not fully seeing what they best give to others. They don’t see how others best give to one another. We often manage to weaknesses causing frustration to ourselves and others. Strengths based leading is a win win for all.

Two Organizational Leaders

Workshops are exercise based so people stay engaged.

Equipment Share 2.jpg

Emotional Science

Emotionally most teams and leaders struggle. The Ultimate Why training uses ACT techniques that teach Psychological Flexibility. This goes beyond emotional intelligence. Giving leaders and teammates ways of engaging with their emotional world in a way that gives them the perspective to pivot into values based action. 

We also train teams in Psychological Safety which is largely based on the emotional interactions within the team. 
Key outcomes in this area are: 

  • Emotional Intelligence: Since emotions are the primary energetic push in our bodies and minds we need to be able to use the language to conceptually identify what we are feeling with precision. Many leaders have a 3 word emotional vocabulary. 

  • Psychological Flexibility: Leaders need to know that emotions are physical feelings and rational thoughts combined. Focusing or mindfully understanding emotions are happening on these two levels helps us interact on a deeper wiser level. 

  • Emotional Acceptance: According to studies our brains are constantly churning out emotions that drive us to react. Our main concern becomes not leading but to silence the emotions that we don’t like. With emotional acceptance leaders can pivot from reactive actions away from emotions to values based actions that emotions even negative emotions point to. 

We use ACT training techniques that have a 20 plus year record of scientifically studied leadership outcomes.


Values Science

Values based action is our determination to live out the ultimate why. It is our determined vision to act on the highest value of the Ultimate Why. Values become the guiding premise for every promise or future action we take. All goals must align and be continuously realigned to the core values that we share. Values science is based on studies that show real effect in workplace outcomes. 

Key outcomes of this area are:

  • Values Based Direction: Values are the direction we continuously move in and all of our goals and actions as leaders must align and be continuously evaluated in terms of our values. Leaders will learn how to align their team to these values. 

  • Values Aligned Goals: Goals are subordinate to values. Once made they can become out of alignment with values and need to be constantly reevaluated and tweaked to stay in alignment with values. Goals help us see how we can move towards values through time. We will teach how to create goal patterns that are best aligned with our human thinking.  

  • Values Based Actions: Every value is expressed in small actions that lead in that direction. These small actions need to mesh with the goals and values promised above. These small actions can be tracked and their impact seen and realized. 

Lasting Change Leading Constant Improvement

Getting Started

VP Culture Leadership System

  • Customizable options:
    1 hour, 1/2 Day, Full Day, Year long engagements.

  • Fit your training to your budget. 

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